Talon Stirs Up Environmental Misdeed in Gardendale

Backhoe stirring up the goo/benzene/etc. in Gardendale pit! Berry Petoleum considers this ‘state of the art’ closing of a waste pit in Gardendale. Pour dirt in, stir it up, and cover…voila! A safely covered pit containing toxic chemicals! Hope that big ‘stir stick’ didn’t puncture the liner! Don’t worry Gardendale..this all has the approval of the RRC! It is cheaper to leave it buried on your land than to haul it off! The bozos doing the dirty work for Berry is Talon, the same group of yahoos that used brine to wet down another pit they were remediating! Can we trust them? Not based on their previous history in Gardendale!

Brokeback BerryFrac

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Frac1Brokeback BerryFrac

Berry’s Broke Frac Tank! The side of it collapsed allowing the fluid to flood property in Gardendale. Do they not have any quality control? Do they not watch their subcontractors? Apparently it is easier just to fix it after it breaks than to do it right the first time! Hope it was ‘just water’! Cheesh! Gardendale deserves better than these incompetents!

Leaky Berry LIner....lookout groundwater! This liner has had this hole in it for some time. It is clear from the liquid level lines on the liner that the liquid level reached the level of the tear. This would mean that the chemical saturated liquid must have leaked into the ground at the tear! Wonder what the environmental expert from Berry will say about this? “Don’t worry bumpkins. I have a fancy degree and make a lot of money…therefore I can say with confidence only a moron would worry about the benzene in this pit that leaked out! After all I am an expert and you halfwits aren’t smart enough to live somewhere that there is no drilling!” FYI this very pit has tested positive for elevated levels of benzene, a known carcinogen.

Class Action!

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Due to the volume of visitors a Visitors Center has been placed at the Berry Scar Memorial. Introducing the
Robert Heinemann Visitors Center! It is humble but a beginning of what could turn into a world famous destination! Berry Petroleum (Robert Heinemann CEO)…changing Gardendale from a country community into an oil and gas industrial complex….one well and benzene laden pit at a time! Gardendale residents, though you may be tempted genuflecting at it’s entrance is not necessary nor required!

Witch’s Brew bubbling in Gardendale

pipepitBerry....environmental incompetents?

Look at the oil dripping out of this trash trailer…not to mention the pit with the trash (a pipe) and hole in the liner. If this is how they treat private property when THEY KNOW WE ARE WATCHING what are they doing when we aren’t? Can they be trusted to respect your land? According to their ‘expert’ they are a ‘good’ operator. Maybe she meant they are good at getting away with stuff like this.