More evidence of rigid environmental standards!

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

This photo was taken by a Gardendale resident. This is a good reason that Berry should provide netting over their open pits..and secure fencing. However, this could present a problem…if the pits were covered to protect children and animals would that inhibit the off gassing of the volatiles in those pits? Of course, Berry might respond..”Not to worry…those volatiles will be removed (with full approval of the RRC and TCEQ) from the air when safely filtered by your lungs! Bumpkins in Gardendale, remember we have fancy environmental experts to guide our steps and your politicians like us too! However, if we ever get a whiff of the stink you allegedly claim to smell in Denver we will surely look into it!”

  1. Open pits in Gardendale? Some of you remember when Berry agreed to use closed loop systems when possible and forego the use of pits. Guess what? They changed their mind! They decided it was better to bury their waste on your land than to haul it off. Their chief reason was that a lot of it was slopped about in transport and required further remediation. Therefore, their very fancy environmental experts said it was better to leave it in place!

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