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Talon Stirs Up Environmental Misdeed in Gardendale

Backhoe stirring up the goo/benzene/etc. in Gardendale pit! Berry Petoleum considers this ‘state of the art’ closing of a waste pit in Gardendale. Pour dirt in, stir it up, and cover…voila! A safely covered pit containing toxic chemicals! Hope that big ‘stir stick’ didn’t puncture the liner! Don’t worry Gardendale..this all has the approval of the RRC! It is cheaper to leave it buried on your land than to haul it off! The bozos doing the dirty work for Berry is Talon, the same group of yahoos that used brine to wet down another pit they were remediating! Can we trust them? Not based on their previous history in Gardendale!

This photo was taken by a Gardendale resident. This is a good reason that Berry should provide netting over their open pits..and secure fencing. However, this could present a problem…if the pits were covered to protect children and animals would that inhibit the off gassing of the volatiles in those pits? Of course, Berry might respond..”Not to worry…those volatiles will be removed (with full approval of the RRC and TCEQ) from the air when safely filtered by your lungs! Bumpkins in Gardendale, remember we have fancy environmental experts to guide our steps and your politicians like us too! However, if we ever get a whiff of the stink you allegedly claim to smell in Denver we will surely look into it!”