Brokeback BerryFrac

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Frac1Brokeback BerryFrac

Berry’s Broke Frac Tank! The side of it collapsed allowing the fluid to flood property in Gardendale. Do they not have any quality control? Do they not watch their subcontractors? Apparently it is easier just to fix it after it breaks than to do it right the first time! Hope it was ‘just water’! Cheesh! Gardendale deserves better than these incompetents!

  1. Jeff cutter says:

    I heard that it was sabotage by another tank company they were mad that their tank wasn’t being used their name has rock in it
    So now we have oil companies fighting and we are getting caught in the cross fire

  2. Karen says:

    Is this directly behind a house? Or is that a commercial building or out building?

  3. More information from the Texas Water Development Board about water quality of the Santa Rosa formation where Berry is pumping water for the fracking of Gardendale:


    “Locally,any water-bearing sandstone within the Dockum Group is typically referred to as the Santa Rosa aquifer. In the Pecos River valley, the Dockum aquifer is usually known as the Allurosa aquifer (White, 1971).”

    “Groundwater in the Dockum aquifer is generally of poor quality. Water quality ranges from fresh
    in the outcrop areas, in the east, to brine in the confined western part of the aquifer. It also tends
    to deteriorate with depth, and TDS concentrations can exceed 60,000 mg/l in the deepest parts of
    the aquifer. Dockum aquifer water is also typically hard with a mean hardness of about 470 mg/l.”

    “Radium-226 and radium-228 were detected at concentrations greater than 5 pCi/l in samples
    collected from widespread areas of the aquifer. The source of the radionuclides in the groundwater is uranium that has long been known to be present in the Dockum sediments. Most
    counties in the study area also had at least one groundwater sample that contained sulfate or
    chloride at concentrations greater than the secondary standard of 250 mg/l.”

    Full report:

  4. Hector Rodriguez says:

    Mr.Cutter. Sabotage doenst have to be an issue as this type of issue is typical of Berry in our neighborhood. But if you are correct I wonder where where the video surviallence cameras that Berry used on private property to infringe on a private citizens rights. If this was a Berry property why don’t they install video cameras on their own property. Personally I doubt this was sobatage as Berry doesn’t need any help in this department. They sabotaged themselves with messing with the people in Gardendale. We are a special community that does not cower and fights back. Like the saying says and one of my favorite quotations ” WE WOULD RATHER DIE STANDING THAN LIVE ON OUR KNEES. If Berry was a decent operator they might have been accepted but the way they are operating just helps us in our fight. All I can say is” VIVA GARDAP”

  5. Readers should be reminded that GARDAP does not condone or endorse damaging anyone’s property. If it was sabotage and we find out we will report it to the proper authorities.

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