Berry Petroleum’s rigid environmental policy…”are you sh*ting me?”

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

More of Berry’s rigid environmental policy…

Good thing the Texas Railroad Commission and the TCEQ are on the job protecting landowners from slipshod operators like Berry.
spill on well 14_081413

  1. Hector Rodriguez says:

    Their cameras that they installed against the landowners consent that is very clearly posted SHOULD OF RECORDED who did this. Do you think they can make up a copy of the video? By the way Berry your brackish water pipeline has a leak underground by my front fence. If you look for all the weeds that are growing there you will find it. Its Brackish water working its way to my water supply. Did you (Berry) not have any funds to properly test these pipelines before you covered them up and walked away? No need to tell you my address you should know me by now. I have allready reported this to Ector County Environmental officer. Its the only place that’s green on top but poisoning my water underneath. Fix the leak. And if you disturb my drive way don’t forget to put down more river rock not gravel.

  2. It is clear Berry has difficulty controlling and policing their own subcontractors. If this happens in broad daylight what is going on out of sight? Berry, the shiny centralized gathering facility you boast of (as an improvement in our lives) does not make this type of sloppy work ok. Neither does the Flare of Goodwill burning 24/seven in our community!

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