Berry employee……or pervert?

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

This red Jetta came on private property in Gardendale. When approached by the landowner he refused to identify himself or stop. “I work for Berry…” was his only response. Was he a Berry employee? Or, someone with evil intent poking around the landowner’s property? This underscores how vulnerable people in Gardendale that have wells owned by Berry are. They apparently do not have a badge system for employees and contractors that would enable landowners to know if they were legitimately taking care of Berry business or not. Frankly, a red Jetta sticks out like a sore thumb on a production location, hence the landowners concern. Berry’s mouthpiece will say, “But we install gates with codes….” We have heard that all of Berry’s codes, on all of their gates nationwide, are the same. We know for a fact that the codes on many of the gates in Gardendale are the same. We think it unreasonable that Berry would come on our land and take such pitiful precautions to protect us. Do any of our readers recognize this Jetta? License number BFM 2345 (Texas?). If this man has ill intent towards Gardendale residents you may help prevent a crime! If you know who this is please contact us right away via this website. Gardendale Accountability Project

  1. We know KGB San Antonio watches this site (Berry’s PR company) so maybe they will report this to Berry and maybe Berry will tell us who this intruder was. Maybe Berry will require their people to wear identification and mark their vehicles clearly. Maybe.

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