Flare of Good Will burns in Gardendale!

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Berry’s much vaunted 10 Million Dollar or more centralized gathering facility in Gardendale has a great big flare (hereafter called the Flare of Good Will) that has been burning continuously for a while now. Check out the photos.  According to Berry it is all for the good of Gardendale as it concentrates their poisonous activity in one area instead of spreading it out democratically across the community. That doesn’t seem to be fair. Especially since it has been reported that folks living near the infamous Flare of Good Will have suffered respiratory problems and a variety of maladies! Of course the well intentioned folks at Berry Oil (aka Berry Petroleum) in Midland don’t live near the Flare of Good Will.  After collecting their  fat paychecks they retire to their upper middle class homes and enjoy the clean air.  And wonder why the bumpkins in Gardendale can’t seem to breathe correctly.Image Image


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