The Berry Scar Memorial Gets a Visitors Center!

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


Due to the volume of visitors a Visitors Center has been placed at the Berry Scar Memorial. Introducing the
Robert Heinemann Visitors Center! It is humble but a beginning of what could turn into a world famous destination! Berry Petroleum (Robert Heinemann CEO)…changing Gardendale from a country community into an oil and gas industrial complex….one well and benzene laden pit at a time! Gardendale residents, though you may be tempted genuflecting at it’s entrance is not necessary nor required!

  1. Linda Forward says:


  2. Hector Rodriguez says:

    I hope it has restroom facilities. Or maybe just an outhouse would be ok to signify the stink hole that Berry Petroleum has turned our community into. Its ironic outhouses and cess pools would get the governments officials and even some in our community upset. But its ok to have a toxic, hazardous, cancer causing, stinky sludge pit in our neighborhood. I have never heard of human waste smell causing cancer but yet that’s against the law and its ok for Berry to have their pits with chemicals stinking up our once clean country air. I have a good mind to put an outhouse above the sludge pit when they drill on my land. Why not ? What’s the difference?

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