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Brokeback BerryFrac

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Frac1Brokeback BerryFrac

Berry’s Broke Frac Tank! The side of it collapsed allowing the fluid to flood property in Gardendale. Do they not have any quality control? Do they not watch their subcontractors? Apparently it is easier just to fix it after it breaks than to do it right the first time! Hope it was ‘just water’! Cheesh! Gardendale deserves better than these incompetents!

Gardendale residents! Stand up for your land! Or stand by helplessly as Berry Oil takes it for their own use because they have ‘rights’! What about your rights to enjoy your own land bought and paid for with your hard earned dollars?

Gardendale Residents Take on Oil Company in Court – Permian Basin 360.

Berry Oil

Midland, TX

Attn: Diane Klancher

Permian Asset Manager


Dear Ms. Klancher,

Following this introduction is a letter sent to me by a member of the Gardendale Accountability Project. Should you be interested in improving your company’s relationship and public image with our group please read it and consider our viewpoint and the viewpoint of the writer, namely, that some of your employees are bullies and are behaving as they did in junior high. If you desire to meet and try and work out some of these issues we will be glad to do so in a neutral setting.

 Dan Boggs

 From: a member of the Gardendale Accountability Project 

 After three and one half years of dealing with what I’ll call the “seedy” side of the oil business, I have figured a few things out. The issues are so complex that they could not possibly be explained in one writing so I will concentrate on just one, the BMOC syndrome. I believe that this tendency was formed in early childhood and developed rapidly in junior high and high school. It is a character flaw so insidious that if not corrected, can and has become an epidemic in our society. It is really nothing new under the sun, it just happens to be rearing its ugly head in our community in an alarming way.

      Everyone who attended junior high or high school understands this malady of the human soul. I am not formally trained in psychiatry but one does not have to be to understand this scourge on humanity. It is the basis of a large portion of the suffering we all endure while on this earth. This detestable trait runs parallel with big money and prosperity. With prosperity, always come individuals that are so insecure and greedy that they cannot help but to assume the role of the BMOC. These afflicted individuals are so compelled to run roughshod over their weaker brothers and sisters and become so puffed up in their pride, that their actions trigger a response on the other side to do something about it.

      The first thing to do is define this sickness of the soul and expose it. I do not and will never accept that these individuals and the companies they represent really have control over me. These sickos have taken “reasonable use” and inflated it to total domination. They have used the old tactic that if one tells a lie enough times, people will begin to believe it. Texas oil and gas law does not give the oil companies the right to do EVERYTHING they want to. They have assumed this all powerful position and just taken our rights from us. We want our rights back. We do not accept the domination of the “big men on campus.” We can all rest in the fact that pride always comes before a fall.  The fall is growing near.

Leaky Berry LIner....lookout groundwater! This liner has had this hole in it for some time. It is clear from the liquid level lines on the liner that the liquid level reached the level of the tear. This would mean that the chemical saturated liquid must have leaked into the ground at the tear! Wonder what the environmental expert from Berry will say about this? “Don’t worry bumpkins. I have a fancy degree and make a lot of money…therefore I can say with confidence only a moron would worry about the benzene in this pit that leaked out! After all I am an expert and you halfwits aren’t smart enough to live somewhere that there is no drilling!” FYI this very pit has tested positive for elevated levels of benzene, a known carcinogen.

More (bad) News from Gardendale

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Today, an apparent tank battery fire and explosion left this:
tank battery explosion hwy 158 081513

This is a small battery. What happens when Berry’s Central Gathering System explodes and the toxic emissions are released onto residents? Truly, strict liability the legal premise, and this battle cry will be heard, “Berry/Linn, you should have known when you bought this lease that thousands of people lived here!”

Berry employee……or pervert?

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This red Jetta came on private property in Gardendale. When approached by the landowner he refused to identify himself or stop. “I work for Berry…” was his only response. Was he a Berry employee? Or, someone with evil intent poking around the landowner’s property? This underscores how vulnerable people in Gardendale that have wells owned by Berry are. They apparently do not have a badge system for employees and contractors that would enable landowners to know if they were legitimately taking care of Berry business or not. Frankly, a red Jetta sticks out like a sore thumb on a production location, hence the landowners concern. Berry’s mouthpiece will say, “But we install gates with codes….” We have heard that all of Berry’s codes, on all of their gates nationwide, are the same. We know for a fact that the codes on many of the gates in Gardendale are the same. We think it unreasonable that Berry would come on our land and take such pitiful precautions to protect us. Do any of our readers recognize this Jetta? License number BFM 2345 (Texas?). If this man has ill intent towards Gardendale residents you may help prevent a crime! If you know who this is please contact us right away via this website. Gardendale Accountability Project

More of Berry’s rigid environmental policy…

Good thing the Texas Railroad Commission and the TCEQ are on the job protecting landowners from slipshod operators like Berry.
spill on well 14_081413