It is 1984 in Gardendale!

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Uncategorized



In an Orwellian move a subcontractor, ProVision, acting on behalf of Berry Petroleum has set up cameras pointed at a landowner’s home! This egregious and outrageous violation of privacy did not occur in Venezuela or China but in Gardendale, Texas! What is next on the list of these thugs? Outlawing thought? Will they attempt to police your thought? Or where you worship? Or who you vote for? How long will these assassins of Liberty and Freedom be allowed to act with impunity? All in the name of ‘oil and gas law’ and ‘providing jobs’ of course. Stand up Texans! Are you men and women of integrity or sheep?

  1. Pro Vision Digital Surveillnce
    3401 Lone Star Rd, Poolville, TX 76487 (817) 594-7837

    Call or email these folks and ask if the blood money Berry is paying them makes crushing civil liberties of Gardendalians worth it!

  2. Hector Rodriguez says:

    These cameras have nothing to do with the production of oil. The landowner land is clearly posted prohibiting any sort of camera. Is Berry worried about thieves? Up to now the biggest thief has been Berry Petroleum. Why hasn’t Berry videoed when they harrass land owner trying to get them to sign. Why didn’t they video my elderly moms reaction when they were harrassing her? Why didn’t they video my fence damage? So this landowner can’t walk around his house with the window shades open without the worry that they migjtt video private moments. Berry you’re a bunch of scumbags. Berry says they have a right to extract their minerals. How many barrels of oil do these cameras pump. Berry you drilled your oil well are you trying to video tape the land owner on his own land? You are extracting your minerals but the surface land is the land owners not yours. Berry you put up warning signs and the sort and expect everyone to obey but what part of no video cameras on the posted sign do you not understand. Are you stupid?

  3. Hector Rodriguez says:

    Look at the sign that’s also in my front gate the worn NO is the same in english and spanish and the word VIDEO is also the same in english and spanish. So NO VIDEO in engish means the same as NO VIDEO in spanish. Don’t make us put up another sign for our spanish people friends because as you see. NO VIDEO is the same in both languages so not being able to read the sign is not your excuse.

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