Can we add Unlawful Detention to Berry’s sins in Gardendale?

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

A landowner in Gardendale went onto a Berry location to obtain photos of an area with an oil spill (See our post Berry-Environmental Incompetents?) underneath a trailer. His account is as follows:  As he went to leave a BlackTruckBlocked Berry employee drove quickly to the gate (the only exit-see photo above) and blocked it. No doubt he thought this to be a clever ploy of harassment. However, we believe it to  be a case of unlawful detention. The Sheriff’s office was called, a deputy dispatched and a report filed after the deputy talked to the Berry employees.  Does oil and gas law give an oil company the right to  detain a landowner on his own land? We don’t think it does. A bigger question is were these employees acting at the direction of management or on their own? In either case they and Berry may  be legally liable for what they did. However you can the judge as to what really happened. You see, we have a video and will post it as soon as possible. You watch and you judge. Stay tuned.


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