Unsafe for the Constitution and Landowner Rights in Gardendale!

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

The pictures below were taken on a Berry location in Gardendale. We believe these men (apparently one of them brought a teenage family member) are employees or contractors to Berry. Berry has told us on several occasions that we could not come on their locations ON OUR OWN LAND without the ‘proper safety equipment’. See the Safety Hypocrites item on our website to enjoy the performance by the Shrieking Shrews of Safety. After consideration we understand what they mean. There is a valid safety issue. Working on and around Berry’s location may be unsafe for the Constitution and Landowner Rights. It is clear to us their issue is not whether or not we have hardhats but what we do with the videos of their misdeeds!




  1. Hector Rodriguez says:

    When they drill on my place my whole property including my house and my elderly parents house will be on location. What hypocrites. Hope my elderly parents can wear a hard hat and safety boots when they step outside or go to the doctor. Are they going to H2s train my parents and my 12 year old son? They break the 150 ft rule when it benefits them. Berry I know you read this go ahead and get it over with and drill on my land. Living with a proposed drill site that your spokeman said may never be drilled is stressful. Go ahead and drill so I can start legal proceedings. I am tired of waiting. My land is worthless with the stake there that may never be drilled but you won’t remove it.

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