Posted: July 14, 2013 in Uncategorized


Don’t approach! Danger! This valve tree on a well on private property is dangerous as it sits, according to a Berry representative. Today GARDAP toured a couple of locations and was approached by a Berry representative and warned to not get too close to the equipment because it is dangerous. Really? Why isn’t it fenced in and posted? This is on private property within walking distance of homes that have kids and grandkids. Does this constitute an ‘attractive nuisance’? We think so! If it is dangerous then Berry has an obligation to protect our kids and livestock! Or do they believe their ‘rights’ means they can put dangerous, unfenced and unguarded equipment on your land and if your kids get hurt….well, they have rights!

  1. Mario Gonzales says:

    Is that an illegal tubinghead adapter flange designed to allow a 3,000 pound tubinghead to be bolted onto a 10,000 pound casingspool?

    Pressure must always be adapter up, not down.

    Someone ought to call the RR Commission and see what they think.

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