Berry says “Live rent free in Gardendale…WE DO!

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

You expect to pay rent when you park your mobile home somewhere…Berry doesn’t! They are parking living quarters on private land and allowing their employees and contractors to stay there…without paying rent! “For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us…” (one of the grievances enumerated in the Declaration of Independence). We fought a war for grievances such as this! Berry Petroleum thinks they can roll onto our property, lay claim to the land that they don’t own and haven’t signed any agreements for…and quarter their employees and subcontractors for free! “We have rights…” is a refrain that is used as it becomes increasingly apparent that they give not one whit about your rights as a landowner. Gardendalians, Texans, Americans….you can either lay on the ground helplessly waiting for the next kick of Berry’s goons or stand up and fight like men and women of courage and integrity! Stand up for your rights and fight these heartless, cowardly carpetbaggers from Denver! Linn Energy, do you know what you are buying into? We hope you do because we don’t intend to stop. Gird up your loins like men and prepare to face us!




  1. Mario Gonzales says:

    Surely some lawyer wants to make some money defending surface owner rights!

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