Berry Scar Memorial Update

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Berry Scar Memorial Update

The Berry Scar Memorial has gotten a facelift! This historic monument can be seen on Hwy 158 in Gardendale.

  1. Liz Lemons says:

    I’m embarrassed that this eyesore is in front of our community. I understand the need to protest, but to use profanity on both sides of this billboard is unnecessary. Many of us have worked real hard to have a nice place and this tank with ugly sayings on them are hurtful. I truly do understand this war you have going with the oil co. But to make all of us pay the price is unfair. Also is Gardap so afraid to let anyone respond? There was a Gardap entry put on FB asking for everyone to share, I would share all of it if everyone was given the opportunity to respond to what is being said. You never know, someone else may have a good point the you few have thought of. Thanks for your time.

    • Ms. Lemons, We are embarrassed about the Scar, also. We are embarrassed that our community is being drilled up by Berry. We wish we didn’t need the Scar. Many of us, also, have worked hard to have a nice place only to see it being devoured by out of state carpetbaggers drilling up this field on the cheap. We believe they can directionally drill but are too cheap to do so. They would rather take up an inordinate amount of our land in order to save money. We aren’t interested in making you pay; we are paying enough in our land, peace of mind and tranquility. We support your right to do as you wish with your land. We fight for ours. Profanity? The bible uses the word hell a lot. As a matter of fact the scripture never indicates it is a profane word. The bible uses the word for sheol, gehenna, etc. to describe a place of fire and torment meant for the ungodly. We use the word in the same manner to illustrate the misery that unbridled oil and gas development is bringing and will bring to Gardendale. Remember, their plan (check out their own website) is to drill hundreds of more wells here. The word on the Scar is used as a literary device to make a point. It isn’t profanity. Finally, consider the 1st Amendment. If speech one disagrees with is not protected then no speech is protected. We understand that there are those that don’t like the Scar, for more than one reason. To them we say, ” We don’t intend to roll over like a whipped dog and let Berry do what they want without comment. We aren’t going to lay down our right to free speech so the carpetbaggers from Denver can unreasonably take advantage of our laws and our land. We won’t stop. Not now, not ever.”

    • Hector Rodriguez says:

      Mrs Lemon an eyesore can be perceived in different ways by different eyes. Berry Petroleum staking my land for a potential well and keeping me from selling or enjoying my land for a well they publicly claimed they may never drill while I still have to pay taxes on this land.NOW THATS AN EYESORE. Landmen harrasing my elderly mother when I refused to talk to them. Seeing my land I worked so hard for being tore apart by Berry NOW THAT’S AN EYESORE. Seeing my once quiet country living community now run amock with big rigs and the stench from drilling operations. So see Mrs Lemon to me the berry scar memorial is not an eyesore in my eyes. The things I just mention are an eyesore and sadly I could go on and on with what I think is an eyesore

  2. Liz lemons says:

    I’m not sure I have read the verse in the Bible that tells anyone to “bend over”. Hell is certainly a place that I don’t believe we are living, but that is my opinion. To tell us to bend over is unnecessary. You have every right to have this scar. To write whatever you want on it. Just as it is my right to protest the language you choose to use. I think you would have more backing if you used different slogans to get your point across.
    Mr Rodriguez, I am sorry for your predicament. I really am. It is so unfair! I think I would have to hurt someone who was ugly to my mama, I do know you are free to use your land any way you want until they have a permit. At that point you are under their wishes. I am a fortunate land owner here in Gardendale due to constructing a dwelling before they could stake us. We have had horrible dealings with Grey’s. My husband had to leave town for a time defending someone else’s property from these jerks or go to jail. Your right to have your scar is not my frustration. The wording on this eyesore is. We as a community should be working together, but we are not. The scar is a source of contention for a lot of Gardendaleians. My reply is not meant to be antagonistic, just stating my opinion.

    • Ms. Lemons,

      I applaud your husband’s courage for taking a stand against the Carpetbaggers from Denver. While we at Gardap may not have chosen his path in how we deal with them we certainly appreciate someone sticking up for their friends and neighbors. Bravo! We are going to have to disagree about the Berry Scar. We don’t intend to soften its message neither do we expect you to change your mind about it. However, you are exactly right about how we should be working together in Gardendale. That doesn’t mean we all have to sing the same tune and be in agreement about tactics all of the time. From your post it appears we agree on most of the issues. Your recall that we acted quickly (on your suggestion) to cover the vulgar images on the Scar when it was defaced. Here is the challenge! We would welcome you and your neighbors erecting your own memorial; one whose language might be a bit more in line with what you would like to see and believe to be appropriate. We make this pledge to you. You build it and we will post it. We will make sure that all of our contacts in the local, national and international media get photos of it (there are many, many of them), it is posted on our website with whatever disclaimer you wish and it is spread to our sister chapters in other communities. We are able to ensure your message will get wide coverage. We encourage you to stand up and be counted. Take a stand that your grandchildren will talk about long after you are gone. Let us know if we can be of any help to you.
      Dan Boggs

  3. Hector Rodriguez says:

    Mrs. Lemons that’s the deal on my land they don’t have a permit they just staked it with no permit, installed valves on my property and told me if I build something they are within their right to tear it down. They publicly said they may never drill on my land but yet why did they put pipeline with valves in my property. I guess they did this just in case they decide to drill years later. I agree if they had a permit I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on but they don’t. They said I would have to move my water well my response is” Why my waterwell was there first”. I work in the oil field and oil supports my family but what they are doing to Gardendale is just plain WRONG. When they put the valves in my property I wanted them to put them on a different part of my property they said if I signed their agreement they would put them where I wanted otherwise thet put them werre they wanted. These are bully tactics against a landowner by billionaire oil companies.

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