LinnBerry’s Fix…making it worse?

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Uncategorized


After the fluid from the portable tank blew all over the place at Cottonwood and Loyola and the residents expressed their dismay with the unknown fluid all over their cars, yards and houses LinnBerry (Linn+Berry = LinnBerry; a close relative to the Dingleberry) dispatched a mobile car wash crew to hose everything down.  Perhaps the simple country folk in Gardendale would be happy if everything looked shiny new! Working in casual clothing the crew got to work to clean up. The runoff with the unknown residue ran down onto the ground and into the ditches, safely out of the way, destined to make its way harmlessly into the water table! I hope the LinnBerries in Midland know what they are doing! A source reports the EPA has been notified and intends an investigation into the actions of LinnBerry, the TCEQ and the TRRC. Is this contamination of the homes in Gardendale going to be swept under the rug? LinnBerry (Linn + Berry = LinnBerry; a close relative to the Dingleberry) rides into Gardendale like carpetbaggers of old, taking advantage of outdated laws, defenseless residents and a bought and paid for legislature to subject us to  their industrial hazards in our backyards!  This act of contamination left the pad site and therefore should not be exempt from regulation! What will LinnBerry (Linn + Berry = LinnBerry; a close relative to the Dingleberry), the TCEQ, the TRRC and our spineless politicians intend to do to protect us from future incidents like this? I hope they have a better plan than the one in place now because LinnBerry is going to drill hundreds and hundreds of more wells in Gardendale! They have barely started! Of course this incident can be chalked up to the ‘anomaly’ of strong winds in West Texas……probably a hundred year, thousand year or million year event which we won’t have to worry about again! Perhaps the wind in LinnBerry’s (Linn + Berry = LinnBerry; a close relative to the Dingleberry) executive’s neighborhoods doesn’t blow that hard and they had no idea what could happen here. Gardendale, it is time for you to stand up for yourselves! Or, you can simply accept LinnBerry’s (Linn + Berry = LinnBerry; a close relative to the Dingleberry) plan to turn Gardendale into a massive oil and gas complex, withstand it as long as you can and finally move out with a quiet whimper. You choose. At Gardap we choose to stand up for ourselves. We don’t deny LinnBerry’s right to the minerals they leased, neither will we allow their irresponsible and reckless behavior to go unchallenged.

  1. Hector Rodriguez says:

    The way it is in the industrial field. If there is a 1 barrel spill and it gets rained on it becomes a 2 barrell spill. If theree is a 55 gal drum with 1 gal of liquid that needs to be disposed of and the plug is left off and it rains and fills up now that 1 gal turns into 55 gals that needs to be disppsed of. So linnberry is making the spill bigger by just hosing it off and not containing it. What morons.

  2. Hector Rodriguez says:

    How many of us tasted dirt as a child? I would say most of us have. How many children have dropped candy only to pick it up and put it back in their mouth? Or even just falling down and getting dirty? This area is now contaminated so parents don’t let your kids outside to play.

    • Hector Rodriguez says:

      Conducted a little independent survey and I have yet to find a person that didn’t taste dirt as a child. Some said their older siblings made them do it. Let’s hope the children in this neighborhood don’t have older siblings

  3. Karen Porter says:

    Does anyone know if/when we can expect testing results?

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