Gardendale gets Fracked!

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


Last night, June 5, winds in Gardendale gusted to 70 mph. A frack pit lined with plastic in the area of Cottonwood and Loyola was sucked out by the high winds. Frack fluid remaining in the pit was blown all over homes, buildings, cars and everything else in the area for 1000 feet! Residents were outraged! What was in the fluid? What will the LinnBerry do about it (LinnBerry – Linn plus Berry, a close relative to the more well known DingleBerry). What chemicals have these folks been exposed to? This is another reason that these operations should not be near homes! I

  1. rnm1224 says:

    just one more reason why drilling doesn’t belong close to homes!

  2. You won’t believe how they ‘remediated’ this for the folks that live around here! A new post coming today! Suffice it to say your definition of a cleanup is far different than the LinnBerry’s! (Linn + Berry = LinnBerry; a close relative to the Dingleberry)

  3. Homa Irani says:

    Not only should fracking site not be near homes, they shouldn’t even exist. Dirty energy will always eventually hurt us!

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