Explosive Situation in Gardendale!

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized


This sign is on the corner of Hwy 158 and Dogwood. Does this mean that folks driving by on the ever busy 158 should turn off their cell phones lest they blow up some innocent person? Where is the danger zone around this sign? 100 feet? 1 mile? 5 miles? Can the landowners living nearby make a call from their home? This sign raises more questions than it provides protection for. By the way, shouldn’t Gardendale residents know where the explosives are for their own safety and peace of mind? This is another reason why the LinnBerry should not be carrying out its activities in residential areas! Would executives of the LinnBerry want this sign in their neighborhoods? I doubt it!!!!!

  1. Hector Rodriguez says:

    These signs are put up every time a well casing is perforated. They use what looks like bullets lowered in to the casing and blows holes in the casing for oil to get through. These explosives are set up remotely so that is why no cell phones or radio signals can be used during this process because any radio signal could set these explosives off.

  2. Karen Porter says:

    THank you for the explanation, Hector!

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