Security/Safety flaw in Gardendale?

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Uncategorized


Gardap has uncovered a potentially serious flaw in Berry/Linn’s protocols for Gardendale. The photo above shows a fire on private property near some Berry/Linn equipment. First responders from Odessa and Gardendale eventually arrived to put it out. Initially they could not get the gate open to the site as they did not have the code! Fortunately a Gardap member with the code arrived and let them in. Berry/Linn managers may not be aware of it but this is the third time a Gardap member has had to enter the code for first responders arriving to deal with a problem near their sites/locations. The same code is used on all of their electric gates. Posting the code at the gate would be foolish and put landowners at risk of trespassers having access to their land. But is not wise to make first responders wait until someone happens to come along that knows the code or wait until someone from Berry/Linn returns a frantic call! Lives may be at stake. However, Berry/Linn already has the answer. Recently in response to what appeared to be a lackadaisical attitude towards a landowner’s security Berry/Linn fenced the perimeter of their access road and the associated pad site with a continuous fence connected to the public road making access to the private land impossible without crossing the fence. With the fence installed they have been able to leave the gate to 158 open as necessary without jeopardizing the landowner’s security. It was through this arrangement that the first responders arrived to assist the victim of the rig accident. We laud their effort and encourage immediate retrofitting all of their service roads and installations (on land they do not own) with such fences; and to incorporate them on the hundreds of locations and service roads they intend to place in Gardendale. Show the same concern for all of the of the landowners in Gardendale that you have already shown towards one. Do we not all have the same value?

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