Simple buffoonery? Or something worse?

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Simple buffoonery? Or something worse?

The saga of the Unsecured Gate continues. This photo was taken by the landowner whose property was previously left open for trespassers. It is true after prompting Berry did put in a gate and a length of chain with a lock on it. However, ProPetro apparently did not get the memo about PROTECTING THE LAND THEY ARE ON FROM TRESSPASSERS! Does the right to exploit the minerals give them the right to disregard the safety of the landowner? We know Berry Petroleum has sophisticated Environmental, Health and Safety standards and some of their managers are EHS people. They can produce volumes of EHS standards which they swear by in addition to having fancy EHS folks on the payroll. But they can’t seem to keep a gate shut and locked! It has been said that if one is faithful in the small things then he or she will be given charge over the great things. If Berry Petroleum can’t keep a gate shut (thereby protecting the landowner and his family) how can they be trusted to follow all of the EHS standards they allege to have in place? We offer a solution to help make them a better company; hire Moms and school teachers to enforce their safety and environmental standards. Moms will make sure the employees and subcontractors close and lock the gates behind them, are properly dressed (in fire resistant clothing with hard hat, steel toed shoes and safety glasses), have their H2S monitors on and have washed behind their ears. School teachers should be hired from the innercity schools being closed in Chicago; tough as nails and ready to stare down and put into time out any employee or subcontractor caught misbehaving or breaking the rules. An elegant solution which will provide jobs and improve the somewhat tawdry image Berry has gained in Gardendale. We encourage Berry to take a small amount of the money being exported to Denver and hire folks used to controlling groups of unruly students and children; Moms and schoolteachers!


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