Gate Finally Secured!

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Gate Finally Secured!

Kudos to Berry for getting it right! After several promptings from this website they finally locked the gate! What have we learned from the Incident of the Unsecured Entrance? We have learned that Berry, in fact, has the right to put a gate on your land where they choose best. We have also learned that that their contractors don’t put securing your land at the top of their priority list. They may leave it wide open to trespassers for days on end! However, after several photos, prompting and hundreds of views (the majority of them viral) on this website and associated facebook page) they moved to get it fixed! Thank you Berry for making your contractor secure the property owner’s entrance after days and days of complaining. We do understand how difficult it is to find subcontractors that actually care about such minor things as our security, but please make them Pinkie Promise that in the future they will not leave our properties wide open to anyone that wants to trespass. We understand the difficulty you face and will help you by posting any future security indiscretions that are brought to our attention. Sincerely, your pals at the Gardendale Accountability Project FYI, if a gate is properly secured it might actually protecty Berry’s property, also!


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