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When Berry Petroleum began their exploitation of our community they stated they had plans to drill on ’40 acre spacing’.  However, sometime later they admitted to drilling ‘test wells’ on 20 acre spacing. Their own website now states they may drill the original 140 wells on 40 acre spacing and an additional 160 wells on 20 acre spacing. That is 300 wells! As they have currently drilled less than 100 wells (as far as we know) they are just getting started on the transformation of Gardendale from an idyllic country community to an oil and gas industrial complex. Think that sounds bad, right? Well, BOHICA Gardendale! Read some of the transcripts of their calls to their investors. Read the dispassionate discussions about the business, technical details and how excited they are about drainage patterns on 12 acres! You thought they would drill a few wells, move on and then everything will be back to country living! Think again! If they drill on less than  20 acre spacing how many wells will we have? 500? More?  Berry will proudly show their shiny new centralized gathering facility and the H2S monitors they donated to the GVFD and then wonder why many folks hate what they are doing to Gardendale.  BOHICA Gardendale, BOHICA!!!!  

  1. Heard that rumour that ‘some of them wells aren’t doing too good.’? Well, hear what Heinemann himself says in a meeting with investors…“The largest drainage that we’ve seen reported on microseismic is about 12 acres. So, that has people pretty optimistic about the 20-acre potential.” Robert F. Heinemann, CEO, Berry Investor Meeting Transcript 3/1/2011

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