Good Money….Poor Security!

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


Berry spent good money having the cattleguard installed on this access road from Highway 158. Unfortunately the space between the fence and the ground on the sides of the cattleguard is large enough for a dog or other animal to squeeze through. Well, I suppose if the purpose of the entrance is to protect the landowner from stray cattle, then it has been successful! However, the occasional tresspassing bovine is not what we worry about in Gardendale. We worry about the human tresspassers that have free access to our properties, homes and families because of the lack of a gate!!! I am confident Berry’s money spent on this cattleguard was appreciated by the subcontractor but is this the kind of security that Berry really wants for the landowners? The individual owning the surface wants better security to his land than a cattle guard that any Tom, Dick or Harry in a vehicle can drive over! And that at any time of any day! Our hope is that the official Berry Monitors of this site (KGB company) will ask Berry to fix this!


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