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December 31st, 2012- Suzanne Goldenberg, writes about her visit to Gardendale, TX while on tour with the Society of Environmental Journalist.

MemorialAs we depart the Gardendale “Berry Scar” Memorial, GARDAP members guide the group of 60+ journalist on a meandering tour of homes, drill sites, and frac pits that are now commonplace in a once quiet community.

Desta Rig next to Pampas Estates

Drilling rigs 150 feet from family’s homes are the chosen method of mineral extraction for Berry Petroleum.  Cheapest, easiest, and with the utmost disregard for landowners seems to be “Berry” way.


The Gardendale Accountability Project will continue to fight for our people’s right to enjoy the land they have purchased, built on, and call home.  We will not give up our right to exist on the land, and we will hold Berry Petroleum and their subcontractors accountable for each and every transgression.


Thank you Suzanne Goldenberg and The Guardian for raising awareness to this important issue.

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When fracking came to suburban Texas