Letter from Gardendale, TX: Dear Senator

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear Senator,
The gas goons continue their conquering of Gardendale, one threat at a time. If you do what they say, of course they do not threaten.  If you question anything they do, you get statements like, “If you don’t cooperate, you will get one up next to your house [drilling rig]. Or,  “If I really wanted to be an a**hole, I could really do some things to mess with you.”   The latest is, “If I wanted to be an S.O.B., I could really do some things to you.”   This last one happened on 12-6-12.  How would you like to live every day and night wondering what the landman was planning next?

The way I see it, the landmen are the goons that have no conscience that are told what to do by the mob bosses [oil company].  Don’t tell me to call the RRC, the TCEQ, or the sheriff.  As I have said before, they are either helpless to do anything or have been brainwashed to really believe that oil and gas has unlimited powers. Their actions are then sanctioned by our government so everybody can have jobs and money at the surface owner’s expense.

Senator, it has become very clear that you wish to do nothing about these injustices. Do you realize the consequences of your inaction? We are now taking these grievances to the federal level in hopes that someone will help us. If they do not, this country is hopeless. If we cannot be secure in our own homes, we cannot be secure anywhere.

Note: brackets added by editor for clarity

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