Gardendale under assault!

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I write this there is a gas pipeline fire after an explosion down the road a few miles from Gardendale near a small community. Our prayer is that no one was hurt. Last night in Gardendale there was a 10 barrel oil spill from a well. Some reports have oil shooting 75 feet into the air. This morning (the second time in a week) we had noxious fumes drift over our home. It was reported to the health dept. and the TCEQ. I suspect both releases were from the same well. Recently we have had a gas flare FALL OVER and threaten homes. Another gas flare fire shot flaming liquid high into the air and sent black smoke belching into the sky.  How long will our representatives ignore the health and safety hazards they allow in our communities? I suppose when one of us is seriously injured or killed Berry Petroleum will realize that their activity is simply too dangerous to be in our community! They will probably point to the temporary nature of what is happening (should be over in 5 years or so) and tout, once again, their shiny new collection facility that they spent 10 million dollars on. Also how they bought H2S monitors for the GVFD. Hooray for them. I know their PR people watch this web site. I ask them to think of what they are doing to us next Sunday when they are in church thanking the Lord for their ‘good’ job. Their ‘good’ job is assisting in the wholesale destruction of our community and the ruining of our homes. The next time I am vomiting from another of Berry’s gaseous releases near my home I will think of how I should be grateful that the KGB shills in San Antonio are working. (Yes, KGB Texas is the name of the PR company) Do you think their executives live in an environmental disaster like the one they are creating in Gardendale? I doubt it.  I am sick of hearing the Railroad Commission and TCEQ are doing an adequate job protecting the public health. They are pathetically inadequate and intentionally underfunded and underpowered. Impotent by design. People of Gardendale how long will you stoically accept the injustice being shoved down your throat? At GARDAP  we intend to fight. We may lose but we won’t give up. Gardendale residents, are you mice or are you men?

Dan Boggs, President, Gardendale Accountability Project


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