The Turning Point

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Courage, Guts, Moxie…no matter what you call it, Caleb Leverett has more of it than all the shameful, cowardly, oil company execs put together times 1,000! A turning point has been reached today. Those of us with these drilling rigs nex

t to our home are disgusted and angry, but when a working guy says, “enough”, that’s a real breakthrough.

Devon on the other hand, is more or less, a scumbag company; proof is this video. Devon has rights? Is that what the Devon chickensh*t said? What about that family that lives there? They don’t have a right to live in peace? This kind of bullying is what will bring the oil field to its end. Sadly, there is a better way, but oil companies refuse to listen; too busy counting their money.


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