GARDAP could change everything…

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

HEADLINE: “Gardendale Man Takes On Berry Petroleum, Could Change Drilling Rules In Texas” 


The landowners of Gardendale are expected to sacrifice our homes for Berry Petroleum profits, but Berry Petroleum is not willing to sacrifice a small amount of their profits to spare our homes.

With a $1.85 billion market cap, alternatives to 20 acre spaced wells exist for Berry (Pad drilling for example), but they want all of Gardendale for free. Why doesn’t Berry Petroleum drill 20 acre wells on the land that they have already purchased in Gardendale as an example of what they intend to do? Answer: residents would be outraged at the intrusiveness!

GARDAP does intend to change everything…to help protect the elderly, and the helpless from corporations like Berry Petroleum.



See CBS7 news coverage, click on pic

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