Assault and tank Battery: Berry Petroleum and Union Drilling expose residents to possible lung cancer risk

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Berry Petroleum has hired Union Drilling (UDI) to drill 100 feet from homes in Gardendale, TX.  The diesel exhaust is affecting residents as far as a half mile away.  Diesel exhaust contains Polycylic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) when metabolized by the human body can create carcinogenic metabolites that damage DNA leading to possible lung cancer.

According to the NIH: “Heavy exposure to PAHs entails a substantial risk of lung, skin, and bladder cancer, which is not likely to be due to other carcinogenic exposures present in the same industries. The lung seems to be the major target organ of PAH carcinogenicity and increased risk is present in most of the industries and occupations listed above. An increased risk of skin cancer follows high dermal exposure. An increase in bladder cancer risk is found mainly in industries with high exposure to PAHs from coal tars and pitches.”

Question: if a Berry employee came onto your property and struck you with a baseball bat, that would be assault and battery under the law.  What’s the difference in a bat and toxic gases? Answer: THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE


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