Assault and tank battery

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

“it’s just criminal

Gassing is a constant threat when living near tank batteries, waste pits, pump jacks , and flares that fall over and ignite.  We have been “gassed” in Gardendale many times in the past two years and have the TCEQ reports to prove it.  These fugitive emissions, escapees if you like, trespass onto our land and assault us.

Start thinking this way: if a person comes onto your property and hits you in the head with a bat, then that is assault and battery under the law.  What’s the difference in a bat and a noxious, toxic gas?  Answer: nothing! Keep this mindset and when you smell the perpetrator coming, file charges; it’s just criminal!

That’s why intentionally drilling inside neighborhoods is a very stupid, and potentially costly idea.

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