Union Drilling pollutes Gardendale

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Union Drilling, UDI, is now operating within 150 feet of several homes and families in Gardendale.  According to UDI’s company info, “We specialize in shallow to deep horizontal drilling in select oil and gas producing basins of the United States.” Why then is a UDI rig drilling so close to homes in Gardendale?  If UDI has the technology to get away from homes but does not, then that must mean that Berry Petroleum ordered them to deliberately disrupt, and endanger the residents of Gardendale.  

Berry Petroleum has the choice to move these operations away from homes and families, but we cannot move our homes and families away from Berry Petroleum’s dangerous and deleterious activities.

UDI investors need to know what’s happening here in Gardendale.  Contact UDI 4055 International Plaza, Suite 610 – Fort Worth, TX 76109 – Tel: 888.488.0570 – Fax: 817.546.4368


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