Gardendale “Berry Scar” Memorial erected

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today, an historical marker was erected in Gardendale to commemorate a community that once was.  Until two years ago, Gardendale, TX home to 2,200 plus people was a haven of quiet, country living at its finest.  Horses, dogs, and families enjoyed the peacefulness of their small slice of heaven.  However, Keystone Petroleum, and now, Berry Petroleum have changed all that.

Berry Petroleum has forever defaced the land we live on.  Instead of riding trails, we have pipelines.  Instead of hay fields, we have caliche pads.  Instead of clean country air, we have noxious, poisonous gas.  Berry Petroleum has stolen our future, Berry Petroleum has stolen our quality of life.  This memorial will stand as a testimony of that theft.

The name “Berry Scar” was chosen from a predecessor of even greater destruction, the “Texon Scar” near Big Lake, TX.  The “Texon Scar” is an area of almost 12 square miles (approximately the size of Gardendale) that is essentially a dead zone. Over 2 billion barrels of produced water containing high levels of salts, were dumped on the ground killing every living plant.  After almost 90 years, still nothing will grow there; it is a wasteland.  Drive down Hwy 158 in Gardendale, and pay homage to the community that once was.


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