Why We Fight!

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

ImageWhy We Fight

Those that follow this site may ask themselves  “Why do the members  of GARDAP (Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc.)  fight so? Doesn’t Berry Oil have rights?” We hear frequently, “You can’t do anything about it.”, “Just get the best deal you can.”, and, “You can’t stop them”. Our efforts are not  based on any assurance of winning .  Some folks  want to give up and give in to a multibillion dollar oil company ( Berry Oil of Denver)  having legions of lawyers and fancy PR companies at their disposal.  With the state legislature, bureaucracies  and  local politicians  ‘in their pocket’  they present a formidable front. Why then do we fight?

We don’t fight because we are guaranteed victory.  We don’t fight because we believe our elected representatives are ‘on our side’. We fight because our cause is moral and just.  We fight because the eyes of our grandchildren reflect  a future in which they may live in servitude.  We fight because we want our heirs to be able to live safely and in freedom on the land they inherit. We fight because we resist state sponsored corporate oppression.  We fight because we abhor seeing our neighbors treated poorly. We fight because it is the right thing to do.  We refuse the premise that something legal is always right! In any struggle the outcome is not assured. But in this struggle there is one outcome  you and Berry Petroleum can count on; we will continue to fight. When Berry Petroleum and their predecessors  invaded our land using typical landman tactics, lawyers in expensive suits and well heeled PR firms they  went too far!

Dan Boggs

President, Gardendale Accountability Project

P.O. Box 254, Gardendale, TX 79758


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