Cristi Craddick for Texas Rail Road Commission! What?

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
Cristi Craddick is running for the open Rail Road Commission seat. The following was sent to her. I suggest readers send her similar question if you want to know how she would behave as a commissioner. E-mail Sent 7/18
Dear Ms. Craddick, please review our website and our face book page, gardenale accountability project. If you had the ability to change anything with the way things have gone here in Gardendale, what would you change? Frankly, we are tired of hearing about the ‘rights’ of Berry Petroleum as they treat us poorly. Dan Boggs President, Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc. Gardendale, Texas
What does Ms. Craddick mean when she says we should “Protect individual private property rights   An individual’s right to own property is afforded to us by the Constitution and should not be infringed upon by the government. Occasionally, energy exploration and an individual’s private property rights collide. When faced with such a conflict, it is vital we have leaders who understand how to balance the energy needs of the state with the constitutionally protected rights of private property owners.” quote from Ms. Craddick’s website.
E-mail Sent 7/18 Dear Ms. Craddick, Do you support a mandatory setback requirement between wells and homes/businesses? As you well know, there is no regulatory requirement for such a setback in unincorporated areas of Texas. When we ask Berry Oil about setbacks they say, “We follow all rules at all times.” Dirty little secret – there are no rules! When an oil company puts two stakes on 12 acres of land owned by a 77 y/o widow, with a heart condition and on oxygen and when she protests gets a restraining order slapped on her, it has gone too far! By the way, one of the permitted well sites is between the home of her caregiver and herself!  See the Jeannie Owens video on We understand Berry has leased the minerals but it is wrong to hurt old people! Dan Boggs President, Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc.See More

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