GARDAP member collapses during Berry Petroleum staking

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
June 12th, 2012: Gray Surface Specialties representing Berry Petroleum (BRY) scheduled staking their oil well on Mr.Haley’s 20 acre home. Several GARDAP members attended as invited guests to lend support and document the event. However, when Gray’s landmen arrived (4 total), they refused to continue the staking process, ignored requests for their reasons, then left the property. Mr. Haley and his wife were unnerved by the entire event. Losing part of one’s property and having an ultra-hazardous activity placed on it is unnerving.

Shortly thereafter, GARDAP members dispersed. As soon as we left the Haley’s, Gray’s men returned. As described by Mrs. Haley, “they are like a pack of wolfs, waiting.” Immediately, GARDAPians returned to the home to support this elderly couple. By now, it’s almost 4pm, and hot. As Mr. Haley followed the oil companies’ crew, he collapsed. Several friends rushed to his aid and lead him back to his home. 911 was called and arrived in minutes. Mr. Haley was treated and paramedics noted an irregular heart beat.

We believe this near tragic event could have been avoided if Gray’s landmen had initially been cooperative and given Mr. Haley his “due regard.” This elderly couple has lived in Gardendale for 20 years. Mr. Haley has served his country in Vietnam and deserves better treatment. GARDAP’s mission is to support and protect its members and we will. Stay tuned to You Tube for this entire episode of “BERRY TALES”.

Gardendale Accountability Project is a not-for-profit corporation


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