Gardap Protocol Rebuffed!

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

As you know we sent the Gardap Protocol to Berry Petroleum in Denver and Midland. They have responded, sort of. Gardap recieved a letter from the KGB of Texas informing us that theywere going to follow their own protocol and the law, in other words, they aren’t going to consider ours! So much for working with us! There is not law, to our knowledge, that requires you to meet with someone against your will or speak to anyone that you don’t want to. The Constitution of the United States protects your Right of Association. We have redacted the name of the Berry representative at KGB Texas. The KGB had sent out a website update reminding everyone what their protocol is. We think Berry is backing up on an offer to let us deal with them directly without going through Gray Surface Specialties or the Common Ground Gardendale Committee. Dan Boggs. Image



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