The Gardap Protocol

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Gardapians and Gardenalites! Following is the new document, the Gardap Protocol, mailed to Berry Petroleum in Denver and Midland. The following document does not contain signatures (as did the copies mailed). Almost all of our members signed it. Dan Boggs, President, Gardendale Accountability Project, inc. P.O. Box 254, Gardenale, TX 79758

The Gardendale Accountability Project

‘The Gardap Protocol’ 

It is a common belief among our members that the land company you retained to work in Gardendale is manipulative, deceitful and bordering on the dishonest.  We will not deal with them. Your Common Ground Committee refuses to interact with individuals about single issues. Unwilling to work with your land company and unable to work through the Common Ground Committee leaves us with one alternative; talking to you  directly.  At a recent Common Ground Gardendale Committee meeting dated January 26, 2012 a Berry representative stated that surface owners may opt out of dealing with Gray Surface Specialties. We take  that offer.  Therefore, balancing your need to effectively communicate to surface owners with our need to interface with you in a trustful, neutral, and relaxed environment we are implementing a new protocol hereafter known as “The Gardap Protocol”. We desire open, civil and direct communication and believe our protocol will be an effective method of reaching those goals. Formalizing meetings with surface owners will result in fewer missed meetings and establish an atmosphere of cordiality that will put all parties at ease.  The Gardap Protocol  is as follows: 

1)      Meetings will be by appointment only. Many of our members work in excess of 40 hours per week  and find it difficult to meet on short notice. We need a written request from you for a meeting at least one week in advance of the desired meeting date. Expect that most meetings will be after 5:00 PM weekdays or on the weekend. Sunday morning is not a good time as most of us attend church. Please mail a notice of the meeting request to the surface owner and  to the following address: 

Gardendale Accountability Project

P.O. Box 254

Gardendale, TX 79758 

2)      Meetings will be in a location designated by the surface owner.  A local restaurant, meeting room or a third party’s home will make it as comfortable as possible for you and our members. We will provide refreshments. Feel free to offer your own suggested meeting sites for us to take into consideration. We want to work with you to make the meetings civil and productive. 

3)      The meeting may be recorded by either party. In the past we believe your land company has misspoken or we may have simply misunderstood what was being said. All parties will benefit from accurate information. 

4)      If you wish we will make arrangements for power, tables and a projection screen for AV equipment.  Please make this request in your letters as specified in number 1). 

5)      Please bring enough copies of documents for the members in attendance to review. Ten copies should be sufficient. If you wish, send the documents a few days early via mail and we will copy them for distribution at the meeting. 

6)      These meetings are not an attempt to legally represent the surface owner you need to communicate with. Their purpose is to provide a neutral setting for both parties along with emotional support for our member. 

Respectfully, Dan Boggs, President, Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc.











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