Meet Hector: another Berry Petroleum casualty

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
Meet Hector. He lives with his family and elderly mother in Gardendale, TX. Gray Surface Specialties who represent Berry Petroleum (BRY) has staked his 6 acres of land for an oil and gas well. Gray explained that the tree and dog pen 15 feet from Hector’s home will be removed for the caliche drilling pad.

Hector also cares for his elderly mother who suffers from a congestive heart condition. She lives next to him. Care for aging parents is deeply rooted in Latino culture, and Hector is bound to protect his mother. While away at work, Gray’s minions came to Hector’s home and harassed his mother, upsetting her greatly.

Hector has plans to build his dream home in the very spot Berry Petroleum has staked for a well. Gray promised Hector that if he started building his home, they would tear it down!

Unfortunately, Hector’s story is being repeated all over Gardendale. The bully tactics of Gray and Berry echo throughout this community. Stay tuned to this page and for Hector’s compelling story coming soon in the next “BERRY TALE”.

If you’ve been treated this way by Gray Surface Specialties or other Berry Petroleum representatives, and you have the courage to stand up, please contact GARDAP.ORG and we will assist. If you haven’t been treated this way, count yourself lucky, then get in the fight to help those less fortunate…because you could be next!


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