Gardendale getting “dumped on”: an eyewitness account

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
The attached pic was taken the week of May 7th. Location is on the north side of Cottonwood Rd – between Western Ave and 1788 (closer to 1788) – Gardendale, TX 79758. I will try to make a long story short. On my way to work, I was behind a tank truck which came off a lease road south of Cottonwood, going north on Cottonwood with water coming out of the back of the truck from all valves. He slowed down on the side of the road with water still coming out and after I passed by, I pulled over to take the picture. The driver turned left on to the lease road and continued on – the water continued to come out of the open valves on the back on this truck. Location is easy to verify by the sign (Fasken) and the pipeline on the north side of the road.

Maybe it was just fresh water? Maybe the tank had never been used for anything but fresh water? What are the odds? Maybe it wasn’t just water – maybe that is why it’s illegal! Maybe these operators don’t follow the rules anywhere they drill. Please help us if you can! We just want to keep our community a safe place.

Gardendale resident


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