Berry Petroleum’s chemical warfare against families

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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On the evening of May 9th, 2012, Berry Petroleum released an unknown noxious gas upon several nearby homes which include young children in Gardendale, TX. Residents complained of headaches, sore throats, and burning eyes. The TCEQ was notified as well as the Texas Railroad Commission. Both agencies sent field inspectors to the site and Berry Petroleum representatives came as well. After much discussion between these men, the gas emission was INCREASED!

Note in the video the volume of visible gas being released; the unanswered questions are 1) what kind of gas is it that would cause such negative health effects, 2) why is this gas being allowed to escape onto people’s homes, and 3) what does the “EQ” stand for in TCEQ? Does anybody know?

Watch on You Tube: Noxious gas release in Gardendale


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