Berry Petroleum hires lawless subcontractors

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
This email was sent to Berry Petroleum’s PR firm, KGB Texas of San Antonio.

Letter to Berry on Common Ground website:


I will once again make an attempt to open a dialogue on this site, I have made several attempts and you do not respond as you indicated in the first meeting at Odessa College.

With that said I will once again ask you to stop using HOOPER trucking from Odessa Tx in the Gardendale area, this morning in less than 200 yards visibility they were out on the road bootlegging a Keen drilling rig, I worked in this industry for 30+ years and can recognize illegal trucking easily I asked in an earlier mail to this site for Berry to ban Hooper from working in Gardendale, Berry is ultimately responsible for the subcontractors they either directly or indirectly bring into our community now I think it is time to ask that you also ban Keen drilling since they are also responsible for incorporating Hooper into the mix and allowing their property to be transported illegally.

When you move a rig in the field this is acceptable but once you get on taxpayer funded roads there are laws regulating behavior of those utilizing this resource.

Drilling rigs are designed to be moved and are also designed so they can be reduced in such a manner that they have been reduced as far as possible, over-dimensional permits are the responsibility of the trucking company and the company hiring the service, since it is painfully obvious Keen is taking shortcuts when moving the rigs and Hooper is also taking advantage of the situation you should step in and stop this lawless activity before someone is hurt might I remind you this is a recorded forum you have supplied so there is a record of my asking Berry to step in and correct this immediately.

sent by a GARDAP member


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