Smell something, Say something Campaign

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Smell something…Say something! 
This letter is being distributed as a community wide service from GARDAP.ORG to the Citizens of Gardendale Please see “”-and click on the ‘ PRINCIPLES’ tab for what Gardap is about. Gardap is not associated or affiliated with any other group.
Please take time to read this letter to understand the role of regulatory agencies such as the T.C.E.Q. (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality), T.R.R.C. (Texas Railroad Commission) and how you can make an impact.
As you are now aware the drilling in and around our community is ‘full speed ahead’. Along with economic benefits drilling brings some less desirable activity. The producers are going to extract the minerals; this is a reality and shouldn’t be taken lightly.
It is true you cannot stop the producer from the exploration and extraction of minerals from below our homes.  There are laws assuring them this right but they do not have the right to infringe on the quality of our environment by fouling the air we breathe.  
Odors associated with the extraction of minerals (drilling) are becoming more frequent in Gardendale. The south-western part of Gardendale has already had one mass evacuation to date .Thanks to an alert resident a gas cloud was detected, 911 was called and families were evacuated by the fire and sheriff’s department.
The only way we can battle this and keep the odors out of our life’s is to make sure that when we smell something that we believe is related to oil and gas exploration activity we need to act immediately and say something by contacting the appropriate agency and filing a formal complaint. 
 You can do this no matter the time of day as there are contact #’s for all hours.
 There are several numbers listed below you can use; the T.C.E.Q. is the agency you will need to contact for air-environmental issues. T.R.R.C. is the agency you can also contact about both air and non-air issues.
 It is possible to contact the producer directly but it is not recommended as there will not be any kind of formal documentation of the complaint. Use the numbers listed below to ensure regulatory agencies are made fully aware of air quality issues. The producers would prefer to investigate themselves and not involve any outside authority.
Without regulatory agency involvement there may be no formal records of toxic and nuisance emissions in our community.
Reporting complaints to the T.C.E.Q. and T.R.R.C. can be taxing but will pay dividends if we are persistent and work together. Don’t assume that someone else has complained; call personally and make sure. If multiple residents call on the same complaint it sends a message that as a community we are aware and alert…. Once you acclimate yourself to the system and methods the agencies require it will become an easy task.
A formal complaint is the only way a record of the reported odor is documented. This is a very important step and cannot be over emphasized. When making a complaint always request a formal complaint.  
Don’t allow representatives of any agency to convince you not to make a formal complaint. Don’t be put off if they ask ‘What kind of gas is it?’ Remind them that they are the experts, not you!  Keep the phone numbers listed below handy and use it for the sake of our families and neighbors.
TCEQ info:
TCEQ Midland office 570-1359 (business hours 8-5)
TCEQ answering service 1-800-832-8224 (after hours) this goes to both agencies you must choose which you want when asked by the operator.
TCEQ Spill reporting line: 800-832-8224
TCEQ Complaints & Non-spill releases: 888-777-3186
TRRC info:
Sue Hannaman 432-684-5581 ext. 408
Danny Miles-Ector Co. 432-684-5581 ext. 417
Contact T.R.R.C. /T.C.E.Q. if there is an H2S or rotten egg odor ASAP
You can call 911 at anytime of course-especially if you smell rotten egg odor and feel it necessary.
Please do not take oil and gas related odors lightly there are some of the emissions associated with the exploration and extraction of oil and gas that are volatile and can kill.
Thanks from Gardap for giving this consideration and supporting a very necessary issue.
This is a personal log provided by the T.C.E.Q.


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