Living the Nightmare

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
Nice read. Interesting that Fasken Oil and Ranch wants a harmonious community of real estate and oil and gas on their own property using 40 acre spacing but don’t mind at all drilling up the property mere yards away from Gardendale! Oh, that is right, their executives will be on the property at the new headquarters. Gardendale, out of sight, out of mind. Plus, Gardendale residents, are, in general, common people with small plots of land. Who cares about them? Certainly not Tom Craddick or Norbert Dickman! Norbert Dickman is General Manager of Fasken Oil and Ranch, LTD.
Excerpt from this article:
City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Michael Trost said “to marry oil and gas and real estate is truly a big step. I’m sure the rest of the state will look to Midland and what Fasken is doing here.”
City Councilman Jeff Sparks told the audience he grew up hearing about the Fasken family and said the plans for the office building and planned community are symbolic of oil and gas operators. “Oil and gas people are, by nature, dreamers and this is a dream, having residences and producing wells mixed together,” he said.
The Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc. is “looking” at Fasken Oil right now in our backyard drilling wells on 4 acre by 4 acre squares. This model of toxic, industrial living is not what folks like 77 year old widow, Mrs. Owens, signed up for 40 years ago, but now, is being forced upon her.  There was a place called Gardendale where families could move, setup a small farm or ranch, and enjoy the quiet, country life.  However, our “dream” is being extinguished by Fasken, Berry, and RSP Permian and has turned into our nightmare!
Fasken Oil breaks ground on new corporate headquarters
After 18 months of planning, executives of Fasken Oil and Ranch Ltd. were joined Wednesday by city officials to launch construction of its new corporate headquarters.

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