Chesapeake Contamination in Pennsylvania

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
  • Note that Chesapeake paid the fine, agreed to provide water services to the 16 families affected but will not admit fault. “We will pay and fix the wells but we didn’t do it! AND YOU CAN’T PROVE IT!!!!!!” Lawyers will say this is a move to limit further liability, if they actually admitted to something they know they did, then they might be in deeper trouble! Would your Grandmother say this tactic…See More

    By ProPublica’s Nicholas Kusnetz: Pennsylvania officials fined Chesapeake Energy more than $1 million on Tuesday, the state’s largest fine ever to an oil and gas company. In a statement, the Department of Environmental Protection said Chesapeake…

    Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc.
    Gardendale has unremediated mudpits remaining. Is it possible Berry Petroleum is doing what PG&E did in the Erin Brokovich case? Showing a bit of concern while the clock ticks until they hit that magical two year point! Gardendale residents take note: in Texas there is a statute of limitations of two years on most civil cases. In other words if you don’t file any lawsuit within two years of the time you were harmed or damaged (or reasonably should have known) you may lose your right to sue completely. If you have questions about this seek we suggest you seek comptetent and qualified legal advice.
  • Finally, one of them is beginning to get it! I am confident they see the lawsuits building on the horizon. The mantras of “No proven cases of this happening!! You can’t prove it!! If you oppose us you are against America, against jobs and a godlesscommunist!” Has worn thin! It is simple, oil bidness: 1) Recycle ALL frackwater in the United States 2) Don’t place injection wells on known fault lines 3) Don’t drill in residential areas! Adopt national standards voluntarily or they are going to adopted, involuntarily, for you! If you live in a house with contaminated groundwater, a mudpit chock full of benzene and diesel on your property and cracked walls in your living room….you want to see something done! Surface owners all over these shale plays have suffered damage and injury from these activities. It will cost more but should we lose our land and peace of mind and our groundwater? It may be that trial lawyers will be able to do what state legislators don’t have the guts to do…that is protect the public that elected them!!!!

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