5 new drill sites on section 4

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Section 4 in Gardendale is a beehive of activity.  5 new drill sites are being built right now.  It is fairly certain that this landowner signed an SUA, or surface use agreement.  The oil company insists that this agreement is in the best interest of the landowner.  However, the deceptive language within the SUA will take the best lawyer to task.  Words like “reasonable and necessary” all but assure that the oil company can completely destroy the surface for their purposes leaving the landowner completely helpless to save his/her home.  Once signed, the damage is done; irrevocable and irreversible.   There seems to be no compelling reason for the landowner to sign an SUA.  Instead, resistance and steadfastness are the two allies for the landowner to weather the onslaught by oil and gasholes.



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