From the Gardendale Accountability Project’s Facebook page:

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

As a Fortune 500 company’s fracking activities in rural West Virginia leave a polluted and drastically altered landscape, locals are fighting back. By Avi Krame
    • Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc.Gardendale Residents! Heed the warning of those in WVa that signed believing Chesapeake would ‘work with them’. For a small amount of money they surrendered their land for destruction!

      Saturday at 6:11pm ·
    • Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc.You retain the most control and influence when you don’t sign! The oil companies desperately want your signature with its corresponding waiver of liability! If they can drill on you without an agreement (which they have the right in Texas to do) why do they want to give you a single penny? Because they want the waiver of liability!

      Saturday at 6:14pm ·
    • Gardendale Accountability Project, Inc.If you value your ability to sue them later, carefully consider whether you should sign an agreement at all. Ten years from now, you will have spent the money they gave you and their well will still be on your property! Trucks will still be going back and forth, fracking will still be going on, strangers will still be on your land! Think about it! The landman that sweet talked you into signing will be long gone!

      Saturday at 7:53pm ·
    • Linda F. So much for oil companies wanting to be good neighbors. Seems 100% “in your face” to me. From the article: “Another time, a Chesapeake rep came to his[Teel’s] house saying that they had to put in a new road to better access one of the well sites. Teel knew there was nothing he could do, so he asked the man to make sure the road didn’t get too close to his wife’s vegetable garden. But when Teel came home the next day he found the entire area bulldozed.” Can a company be sociopathic?

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